Yoyo Tuki est un musicien de talent et un artiste visionnaire de Rapa Nui mélangeant tradition et styles musicaux (Jazz, Fusion, pop, folk...). Au travers de ses chansons, il porte le message d'une union des polynésiens, de la fierté de leurs origines et la conservations de celles-ci dans un océan aussi vaste que l'Europe.

…Questions flash…
A Color: purple
A music: relaxing, original with depth and content
A flower: lotus
An instrument: guitar
A fish? Pisci (from home)

Yoyo Tuki
Musician & Visionary Artist

Iaorana te mau nuna’a o te kainga era o Tahiti nui, my name is Yoyo Tuki. I’m a musician from the Pacific island of Rapa Nui for those of you that dont know me.

My music is a reflection of my own journey through life. To me is hard to define it as it is constantly changing and evolving in so many directions, although most of the time it will fit into the World music scene. To me is a fresh fusion of world music influences with my Rapa Nui island background. It is interesting to look back and see the evolution of it as it started with acoustic solo in my early years. Then went through traditional Rapa Nui music influences with my ex-band Ohiro Hiro, to later on experiencing with latin, reggae, pop and more world music sounds like in my latest album ‘Hoko Manu’……

Although, the heart of my music is very roots, i enjoy allowing it to flow and go in different directions without restricting it to a particular scene, audience or style. Today, i find myself moving towards a more global and alternative sound, looking to reach for people around the world.

An example of that is my upcoming album ‘Mana Ora O Te Henua’ ‘Living Energy Of The Earth’ which has been inspired and influenced by a diversity of musical backgrounds, like; African, Folk, meditation, acoustic instrumentals, devotional music and my island roots as always.

You know, my music today is a breed of a new age, new times and what it is happening with our planet and consciousness of humankind. Its moving towards global issues and spiritual subjects that concerns about all of us, transcending political, cultural and language barriers.

I always think of my Polynesian ancestors, they were travellers, seafarers and explorers and i compare that with my music……. I’m a traveller, and an explorer as well. i love and carry with me my traditional heritage, but i also enjoy exploring new areas, flavours and things with my music……   A breed of traditions with modern changing times, two worlds…. the ancient with the modern….. a constant journey of discovering and being excited.

Many many things! ha ha ha….. But mainly life, moments, realisations, nature, the ocean, my ancient roots and the ancient stories and traditions of Rapa Nui, beautiful people that are important to me or for some reason pop in my life. In the last 5 years spirituality and nature has been a big theme of inspiration to my life in all aspects which includes music to. The album that i’m working on currently ‘Mana Ora O Te Henua’ comes filled with my spiritual journey during the past 5 years…………..

Currently i reside in Australia with my family, although I’ve been lucky to have had travelled through so many places playing music. Australia has been the country where ive started paving a solid music career in the last 4 years. Successfully performing at some of the most prestigious festivals in the country and building a wide network of friends and contacts in the music industry…. For 2016 i aim to produce my upcoming album here and hopefully to start opening doors to Europe and other countries.

My message is wide, it doesnt point to only one subject. Each album is a different stage in life, different experiences, new adventures and horizons. Although throughout all my music work and artwork as well, you can hear strongly the call to preserve the traditional knowledge and culture, to respect the land and our natural environment, indigenous people and their wisdom. To reconnect with the Earth and what we truly are, not to get caught in all the distraction of modern technology and media…..

To enjoy life and the many blessings it brings to our daily routine. Love, love, and more love in all its ways. Love is the soul of life.

Yes, the list is long 🙂 – some of the names i can quickly recall are, Jose Gonzalez, John Butler, Chinmaya Dunster, Bob Marley, Passenger, and some old Rapa Nui leyends as well…..

I love Tahiti. Ive got great memories of my times there. I met my wife in Tahiti about 10 years ago. I really wish i could come to Tahiti in the upcoming 2 years……. It has been about 6 or 7 years since my last music trip and it has been in my mind. Definitively, if the chance arises i would love to come to Tahiti with my band for a special concert, hopefully in the next couple of years.

Yes, as i mentioned before, i’m currently working on a new music album’Mana Ora O Te Henua’ ‘The Living Energy Of The Earth’, due mid 2016 for release………. This is a very special album that I’ve been working on since 2011! and it brings a very special spiritual journey that i went through in the last 5 years…… the album is a solo project with a format different to my last one ‘Hoko Manu’, blending earthy songs, delicately crafted guitar finger picking, afro influences and island grooves.

Also end of January 2016, i’m releasing my first ‘live in concert’ album entitled ‘Homeland’ – Recorded live in Rapa Nui January 2015. That was my first concert on the island after 4 years away in Australia.

Just to be proud of your Pacific roots, your culture and of who you are today. To keep the faith going always and be united as the Pacific Nation, a nation that is bigger than Europe in area….. Much love to all corners of the Pacific……..   Hai here, hai moe varua mo te kainga o te moana nui o kiva.


Découvrez 6 titres de Yoyo Tuki et leurs paroles

[cq_vc_testimonialcarousel images= »9352″ names= »Yoyo Tuki » subtitles= » » tbackgroundcolor= »#eaeaea » ttextcolor= »#000000″ tnumber= »1″]Traditionally, each Rapa Nui clan could recite their ‘Hoko Manu’ to identify their birthrights and family ancestry. This song, using modern composition of the ancient text, incorporates the Hoko Manu of both my grandmother and grandfather’s lineage. This song identifies my Rapa Nui heritage. This is my ‘Hoko Manu’.[/cq_vc_testimonialcarousel]

He makupuna au o guri a anakena e
A tau rape mo hoa mo haka paira
A maunga eo ate pu makari e
Ai ka turu ro a runga ia puku puhi puhi e
Ka hoko mai ra koe I tou manu ena
Ki hoko atu au I to’oku manu nei
Ho’I e ka rao (pae) tahi mai korua
Ki te koro o kutu o te unahi renga
E mo hiki mo turu a runga ite honga’a e
Pua kai kai renga ai ka iri ro e ai ka turu ro
E mo turu mo topa a runga ite kauhanga e
Ho’I e a runga ite kauhanga o varu e
Aue e ite koro o kutu o te unahi renga
E hina e hina e hina kauhara e
Ka mimi mai ra tou mimi ena
Tou mimi mea mea e

Ko te tau o ite vaikava, e mahia mai nei
Ite mau mo te tangata, I te kai mo te ngapoki e
E raranga era e te nanue, e pura pura era I te ra’a
Ka ketu mai ra tou haka rava ena
Ki turu ro ai ki kau ro ai te tau re’a re’a e
ka noho ka mana’u rahi, e u’I koe I rote hokotahi
O mira mira ro o noho rahi ro
Tere te nanue para, mai rote vaikava, ki rapanui e
Tea tea mai te mahina, to te kainga, mo haka
reka tatou e/ Puhi no mai ra te tokerau, ki
rere rere au, I hanga roa reka nei

Our beautiful ocean
Providing riches to men
And food for the children
Full of yellow Nanue fish
Sparkling in the sun
Bring us waves and we’ll swim in your waters
Take time to appreciate these gifts
So you don’t lose your way
Flow Nanue Para from the ocean
to the people of Rapa Nui
Shine the moon on this land to help us celebrate
Blow the wind so I can fly over lively Hanga Roa

Ara mai ho’i au nei, e hauru ana ho’i koe
He noho au he mana’u, a te ara roa nei
ara roa rahi nei, e haka ngaro atu ena
aue ngaro’a nei aue
Kai  ‘ui hia ho’i au, he aha ra koe e tangi nei
Na I roto ia koe te mana’u, e hihi hihi atu nei
E tama’I rahi atu nei, I tou haka tere ena
aue ngaro’a nei Aue
Oira, ka tea mai ra te maeha, mai te rangi e
Mo ma’u tahi tou tangi, kite ngaro e
Mo haka kore I tou mata vai, i tou ta’e au
Mai roto I tou hopo ena
Aue ngaroa nei aue aue aue i
E tano ro te mahana mau
mai rote rangi te merahi he veu mai
mo hono atu I tou ara e
ara roa rahi e pugaehu rahi nei
I tou haka tere ena,  aue ngaroa nei
Aue I

You’re still asleep when I wake
I sit and think about the world you’re in
And how it fades you away
I question the tears that blur your path
Your battle with this darkness
Which steals your light to shine
I feel it
Let the heavens and their light
Brighten your pain
And dry your tears
Let it clear your soul
I feel it
The day will soon come
When an angel arrives
To show you a world
Where your light can shine
I feel it

Ka topa ka vari te ra’a a teuigahanga
Ko te ono ava’e o te noho inga ia tire e
Ko ngeo a te hakari ite pangaha’a rahi
Ote manu ta’e au e kai ora mai ena ia ia e
Oira ho’I
Ka hio hio mai koe e vovoe
Roa rahi koe tute nei aue
ite ora mau mo te ati ena e maruhi rahi nei koe
Pahe rahi ena o tou matavai
Te rahi ote manu I rere ai
Mo arata’I mai I tou ata e ka oho nei
Pahe rahi ena o tou matavai
Te rahi o te tiare I hua mai ai
Mo haka eo eo mai ia koe e
Ka oho nei ka reva nei e
Ho’I e ho’ie  ho’ie
Ko mao a te hora ko o’o ana ki te tonga
E I runga I tu’u pepe era a ia I noho I ‘ui ai
He aha ra te ora e haka utu’a mai ena
Ka huri tou tangi ena a rote tokerau
Oira ho’i
E hauru nei au he ngaroa atu au
I tou reo e riu ena I haho ote hare e
E hokorua mai nei e haka pava tahi ena
I te kainga nei e ma’u riva riva ro matou
ia koe, I rote inaga e

As the sun sets on the horizon
Her weary body feels the weight
Of this sickness which consumes her
Six months in Chile
Woman, keep strong
For this journey is long
To that cure which ends your pain
Where you’ll find your strength again
For each tear you’ve cried
There’ll be a bird that flies
By your side to guide your spirit
For each tear you’ve cried
There’ll be a flower in bloom
To perfume you on your journey
As autumn stole the summer warmth
The theft of her own life she questioned
In that chair she sat which held no answers
The wind took her cries
(Pre-chorus & Chorus)
Sometimes when I sleep I hear you sing
A sweet voice bringing peace to this land
Reminding us your spirit lives
We hold you strongly in our hearts

Me’e rahi no he matavai I paringi I oho ai
Mai te mata nehu nehu era o nua
Me’e rahi no te toto I tehe ai, te ati I tu’u mai ai
Te tangata I ngaro ai ki kainga ta’e reka e
Peira I kia hio ai I rote onge te hahau
Te ati te taipe e
Oira e, Ka mana’u mai koe ka tiaki mai koe
Ki a’amu atu au nei pehe
Raua I haka tere ai tatou I ora mai ena
Mo ma’u o’ou ite a’amu o te haka ara nei e
Ka tau te ra’a e mai rote moana I tomo ai
Te va’e ote tangata ke, he mauku I rote rima
no I ma’u ai
E tahi hanere ote tangata I toe ai, E ote nu’u
oho era / ote rangi no I ite I kona he  I muraki ai
E ko hanga ana au, mo haka ite atu e
Ite a’amu nei,  e te taure’a re’a e
Ka mana’u mai koe, ka tiaki mai koe
Ki a’amu atu au nei pehe, raua I haka tere ai
Tatou I ora mai ena, mo ma’u o’ou ite a’amu
ote haka ara nei e
Ka tau te ra’a e, mai rote moana I tomo ai te
va’e o te tangata ke, he mauku I rote rima no
i ma’u ai / E ka ma’u ra I tou re’o nei mo aro
arote tokerau, Ko maua ko maua e ririva
atu ena, ka rau ka piere ite ao nei e

From tired eyes of grandmothers
Have fallen countless tears
Too much blood has spilt
From successive tragedies
Too many Rapanui disappeared
Into a heartless land
But still we survived
The misery and devastation
So wake up
Listen to how they survived
How we survived
Take with you the history of our people
One sunrise they came from the blue
The feet of foreign man
For all that they stole
They held but grass in their hand
111 people left alive
Heaven knows where the others died
I want you the youth, to know
This history of freedom denied
(Pre-chorus & Chorus)
Raise your voice above the wind
So all the world can hear
The spirit of a culture too strong to die
Your message loud and clear







3 Commentaires
  1. Auteur
    Herearii 3 années Il y a

    Iaorana @yoyotuki!
    I love your music: you sing in your language and you share your passion of your culture. Everything is here. I listen all your music but I’ve got a preference for Nanue Para. I like the concept, how you mix different styles of musics. I’m a guitar player, and I hope one day, we can play together in Tahiti.
    I’ve got my page on My-Tahiti too: http://www.my-tahiti.com/portfolio/pellet-herearii/
    Your Music rocks! Faaitoito. 🙂

  2. Yoyo Tuki 3 années Il y a

    Iaorana Herearii, thank you for your comments, I’m so delighted that you’ve enjoyed my music……. I love music from all around the world and to be able to create beautiful blends with my own culture has been a blessing. Hope to catch up one day if i’m in Tahiti. All the best – Aroha nui 🙂

    • Auteur
      Herearii 3 années Il y a

      Iaorana Yoyo,
      Yes, contact me if one day you’ll come in Tahiti. I present to you with different musicians too. And I see your wife is Tahitian too. That’s amazing! 🙂
      Aroha Nui bro, and thanks for the add.

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